Members Pack

Member Pack 2023

1. Membership Information Notes*

2. Bag Tag with Annual Membership Sticker, which requires to be displayed while playing the course.

3. Gold Swipe Card Used for:
* Swipe Access via Club House doors.
* Booking into Competitions via the PSI (Player Score Input Terminal).
* Depositing Money into Bar, Comps and Advanced Subscriptions Accounts.
* Status of all accounts, Bar, Comps & Advanced Subs can be viewed on PSI by swiping your card.
* Bar Purchases with Discount

If you were / are a member at another club before joining Bonnybridge Golf Club then you should provide your Scottish Golf Union, Central Database of Handicaps, LIFETIME ID starting 400 (10 digits) or ask your previous club for a handicap certificate. Once you provide this you can be added to the handicap list. You will then be able to enter competitions including Match Play Competitions and the optional two's at Bonnybridge Golf Club.
However, if you do not have a competition handicap.
You must let the Match & Handicap Secretary know of any handicap held in the past.

From Scottish Golf website:
“To obtain a handicap a player is required to submit such number of cards over 9 or 18 holes, with an expectation that the norm will be three 18-hole cards. However, amu permutation of 9 and 18-hole cards may be submitted but must total a minimum of 54 holes at their home club (preferably over a Measured Course)”

At Bonnybridge Golf Club the following is required:
Gents: A minimum of 3 x 18 hole cards from White Tees
Ladies: A minimum of 3 x 18 hole cards from Red Tees

You should retain the cards in your possession until the required number of cards are complete. Then submit all cards together, in one envelope, with your full name and headed “For Handicap”.

Another member of Bonnybridge Golf Club must mark and sign your score cards. You may play alongside other competitors in a competition (Please consult the Match Secretary prior to this), but only if there is a free space / unused tee time on the PSI. One of the other 2 players can mark your card.

Please be aware you will not be able to enter your name into any competition until you have a formal SGU handicap and have funds lodged in your Competition Account.

Your score will not be counted in the competition as you do not hold a handicap. You may play in competitions for your handicap, but it is preferred if you complete most cards out with stroke play competitions.

You cannot enter the sweep or optional two's competitions until you have obtained a handicap. Once a handicap has been obtained you will be able to enter competitions including Match Play Competitions and the optional two's competitions at Bonnybridge Golf Club.

You can also enter Open Competitions at other Scottish Golf Ltd. Affiliated clubs (was Scottish Golf Union) using your CDH Number to correctly identify you and your current up to date handicap.

Fixture List
It available on our website at and in the ClubV1 members app documents section.

Rules for Entering Competitions
When entering a competition, the correct fee is deducted from your competition account at the time of entering your name. This will be deducted from your Comps Account when you book via the PSI terminal or online via HowDidIDo or ClubV1 Members app.

To avoid your entry being refused, you should always ensure that there is enough money in your Competition Account before you try to enter any competition. This can be checked by swiping your card on the PSI or via the ClubV1 members app on your Phone / Tablet or PC. Funds can also be added via the Bar Till or the clubV1 members app.

Weekend Competition Saturday and / or Sunday - You must book a time before 10pm on the Friday prior to competition weekend. Booking will be available in the clubhouse and online via at 7 pm on Thursday 9 days prior to the competition and for the following Wednesday competition (5 days in advance).

Booking at the clubhouse PSI will allow you to book up to 3 players for a single tee time (yourself and 1 or 2 others). Online booking will also allow you to book up to 3 players for a single tee time.

No entries will be accepted on the day for Saturday / Sunday competitions as booking closes at 10p.m. on the Friday evening prior to the competition.

Wednesday Competitions, you can enter on the day of the competition if a time is available. Please note bounce games for members not playing in the Wednesday competitions can be played between 11:30 and 15.30.

For security purposes, ALL tee time bookings or cancellations result in an e-mail being sent informing you of the status of your booking. If you don't provide an e-mail address to receive these, we cannot guarantee your booking. Therefore, you should always provide a current (in use) e-mail address to us.

If you receive emails for Competition Bookings or Cancellations which you have not initiated, please forward the relevant email to as soon as possible to allow us to investigate.

For Open Competitions please place Entry Money in an envelope indicating, competition, date & any names you have entered.

Please do not enter names for any competition without paying entry fee.

Always replace divots & repair plug / pitch marks on the Greens

Always have consideration for others on the golf course. Never play when it is not safe to do so. There are Bells on the 1st, (1 ring) 2nd, (2 rings) and 3rd, (3 Rings) to let players behind you know it’s safe to play.

9 holes creates a problem, when playing the 1st and 10th holes please adhere to the following:

If a Game has left the 9th green prior to a game arriving to start their round at the 1st, then the game playing their 10th hole has priority.

In the event of a queue forming at the 1st/10th then Tee Off shall alternate between those playing the 10th and those starting their round. If a game has just started at the 1st, then the next game on the tee should be playing their 10th hole.

When moving onto the 9th green please place your clubs either near the path leaving the course or the path to the 1st tee. This will assist those waiting at the 1st tee to decide if they can Tee Off.

At all times, when playing from 6th Tee be aware of players teeing off on the 7th Tee particularly if one of the lower 7th tees are in play at the time.
Players cutting in / starting at the 5th have no standing and must let games playing a full round through. Under no circumstances should players start at the 5th hole if a game is on any part of the 4th hole.

All Team Matches have priority on the Course. Play in Gents Team Matches will start at the 1st & 5th. All players should be past the 5th / 14th tee at least 15 minutes prior to the advertised starting time of a Team Match.

Juniors and Juveniles must be off the Course by 4.30 pm on Tuesdays. Adult male members should be clear of the 1st tee by 4pm and shall not start a game until after 8.00pm on a Tuesday Evening (Ladies Night) or until the last Ladies game has passed the 10th whichever is the latter.

The maximum number of players in any game, shall not exceed 4 balls. No practice putting is allowed on the 4th & 9th greens.

Practice is not allowed between the Clubhouse and the Practice area. (Behind 9th Green) other than putting on the practice green(s) provided.

Your position on the Golf Course is “behind the game in front” not “just in front of the game behind”. Please always let faster games through. If you lose a FULL HOLE and are delaying a game following, you must invite that game to play through.

If you are unsure whether you will find your ball, you should always play a provisional.

It is prudent to let the game in front play first if the position you wish to play from interferes with their play - this is particularly important at the 7th / 8th.
A Current Membership disc should always be displayed in a prominent position when playing golf.

Before introducing non-member(s), members must ensure that their round does not interfere with any club competition.

Visitors may be introduced by members but must play with the member. Visitors must be signed in before play commences with the correct money lodged prior to play starting.

Visitor Cost
The fee is the same whether playing 9 or 18 holes. The club does not have a reduced rate for less than 18 holes.

Summer Adult Guest Rate - £15. Winter Adult Guest Rate - £10
Summer & Winter Adult introducing under 18 years - £1.
Summer & Winter Junior / Juvenile Rate (Under 18 introducing other under 18) - £1.
Junior & Juveniles may not introduce an adult visitor (Constitution. 13.6) but may introduce one under 18 visitor at any one time (Constitution. 13.9) at a cost of £1.00.

A member can only introduce a maximum of three members per round. (18 or 9 Holes). Gent Members and their male guests must play from the yellow tees. Ladies and Juvenile members and guests from the allocated tees (Red & Blue)

Members must ensure Visitor fees are paid before commencement of a round by enclosing required fees in an envelope provided, with visitor(s) name(s) and date plus the members own name. Similar in the visitor folder located in the locker room.

Members must ensure that their guest(s) adhere to the rules and etiquette of Bonnybridge Golf Club and that the correct attire is worn on the course and in the clubhouse.

A member may introduce as many visitors as they wish at the rate set by the committee but the number of times the same non - member may be introduced at the reduced rate is a maximum of 8 times / year after which the full fee is payable (£15). It is the member’s responsibility to ensure your visitor has not exceeded the maximum number of permitted visits. The member is responsible for any additional fee due.

Members are reminded that they are responsible for their guests at all times.

Failure to comply with these procedures will result in severe disciplinary action being taken against the member.

Junior / Juvenile
Junior and Juvenile members, with the permission of the General Committee, can compete in an adult competition but must be partnered by an adult member and have a current playing handicap of 10 or under. (Please see Constitution. 13.8)

Juvenile members must be off the course by 6.30pm unless accompanied by an adult member or playing in a Club competition and then only with the express permission of the General Committee. (Constitution. 13.10)

Juvenile members are not allowed to play over the Course at weekends unless accompanied by an adult member or playing in a Junior Club competition.

Please do not approach any Committee Members on the Course or during their preparation for their round of golf. Committee Members are golfers first and foremost, and we all like to enjoy our golf. Rulings, if required, will be given in the Clubhouse.

Any complaints, queries or comments should be submitted in e-mail or writing to the Secretary. E-mail

Players should not take bags onto tees, should not walk over one tee to reach another and should remember that voices carry.

Lockers – If you wish to hire a locker, please request your name to be added to the waiting list held behind the Bar. Cost is £25 and this amount will be included in your annual bill until you indicate you no longer wish to retain it.

Trolley Store – I If you wish to hire a Trolley Store space, please request your name to be added to the waiting list held behind the Bar. They will add your name. Cost is £25 per playing season and this amount will be included in your annual bill until you indicate you no longer wish to retain it.

Trolley Store Rules
1. CHARGING of TROLLEY BATTERIES within the Clubhouse is NOT ALLOWED as it invalidates the Club Insurance Policy cover. All trolleys are stored at the owner’s risk.
2. Electric Trolley Batteries must be removed or disconnected for Fire Safety (Google - Renfrew Golf Club vs Motocaddy 17th Dec 2015)
3. Only those members who have paid for a space can store trolleys.
4. You will be billed for using the trolley storage annually. At the same time as Fees, Lockers. included in your annual bill.
5. The trolley space is numbered and not transferable to another member. If you no longer require the space, please contact the secretary to cancel to enable the space to be re-assigned to a member on the waiting list. This should be done prior to the AGM.
6. There will be a list of members and their trolley spaces posted in the trolley store and there will be regular checks. Any trolley identified as unauthorised will be removed and disposed of.
7. Entry to the trolley store must be via the swipe door entry system as this controls access to the Trolley Store and clubhouse security. Do not use any other access for recovering or replacing your trolley.
8. You are responsible for securing your trolley in your storage space. It is recommended you use something like a bike lock, suitable for securing your trolley in its proposed location. PLEASE CHECK THIS BEFORE PURCHASING as not all bike locks will suit both upper and lower storage spaces.

The committee has revised the club dress code as detailed below. Please note members, member’s guests and others using the course or clubhouse must, therefore, adhere to the following club dress rules:
* No football or rugby shirts
* No shirts without collar and sleeves (Lady members are exempt provided it is
* appropriate golf attire)
* Shorts must be tailored, not cut-down and no Bermuda or cycle shorts
* Blue denim jeans shall not be worn on the golf course (except by greens staff)
* Tracksuits are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the course
* Golfers shall only wear golf shoes or trainers when playing golf. (Trainers should have soles which do not damage the greens or tees)

For any infringement of these rules the offending golfer shall be given a warning as to his dress code and the club secretary shall record their name.

Repeat offenders will be subject to a minimum of a one-month ban, which will be confirmed by the general committee and the offending member will be notified in writing by the club secretary.

If a visitor infringes the dress rules, then the host member shall incur the above penalty.

Private Functions
The Main Hall and Members Lounge are regularly used for private functions and available for hire, for a small fee. Before completing a booking form, you must contact Bar Staff during opening hours to check the availability of the date(s) you require. This can be done either personally at the club or by telephoning 01324-812822. To receive a quick answer better to do this during Bar opening hours.

A Hall Booking form is available on our website

Bar Opening Hours
Bonnybridge Golf Club runs different opening hours during Winter and Summer months. For up to date opening hours see our website Or the sign at the bar.

The kitchen has a catering service for members at weekends. This is also available to those hiring either our Main Hall or Members Lounge. More information is available with Menu's at:

Function Catering Required?
Bar Staff will provide contact details for any catering questions.

Members Weekend Catering Service
Summer Opening from Opening Day until last day of Summer Season in October
Saturday 9.30 → 17.00
Sunday 9.30 → 16.00
Winter Opening *
from Closing Day until following year’s Opening Day
Saturday 9.30 → 17.00
Sunday Closed

The kitchen service may not be available to members during bad weather e.g., if the course is close

Members are reminded that for safety reasons the practice area must be used from the New Shed end towards the 8th Green and they should not hit when another player is retrieving practice balls.

ClubV1 Members App:
You will require your HowDidIDo use rid and password to register via the new mobile app. If you haven't used HowDidiDo before you will need to register for an account, see:

Downloading the android or Apple IOS app from the Appstore. Search for 'ClubV1 Members Hub' or click the relevant link below:
To use the APP, login using your existing HowDidiDo details or Register as a new user.

In order to verify that you are a registered member of the Golf Club, you will be prompted to verify your membership information. The email address you log in with must match what the club has on record for you. On 1st launch you will be asked to scan for your club. You will also be asked to verify the 1st line of the address.

You will also be sent an email to confirm the validity of your email address. Once activated, you will be able to login. Within the Members area you can:
1. Make Competition bookings via HowDidiDo. Must have enough credit on your COMPS account to cover your entry fee.
2. View your account balances and recent BAR / SUBS / COMP transactions.
3. Pay any bills issued by the Golf Club Annual Fees, Locker & Trolley space rental.
4. Make online deposits into your accounts BAR / SUBS / COMPS accounts using a DEBIT CARD ONLY Credit cards not accepted.
5. Have access to the members list.
6. All privacy settings are set to the following default: Club Promotions Yes, 3rd party promotions No. These settings are controlled by individual members and not Bonnybridge Gol Club. Please edit and set your own privacy settings.